A Team of Experts is What Drives Results

Dr. Kelly has pulled together a new team of experts for the Holland Biomedical Clinic to help clients obtain exceptional medical services.

  • Our clinicians have extensive experience in the care of individuals with complex and sometimes mysterious chronic conditions
  • A dedicated Innovative Treatment Technician whose goal is to provide safe and comfortable treatment including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Microcurrent Therapy to those in need, helping patients re-gain and maintain health, as well as helping individuals with chronic conditions live life to the fullest


How We Do What We Do

Working in partnership with you, our team will help you tackle tough chronic issues. We do this by:

  • Listening to your story to better understand what lead up to, and triggered, your poor health
  • Conducting specialized laboratory evaluations to obtain more information about digestive functioning, potential infections, nutrient deficiencies, toxic heavy metals, and mitochondrial functioning
  • Reviewing your overall diet for adequacy
  • Addressing environmental influences, and
  • Using a variety of additional tools to help us piece together the puzzle and encourage healing.

We then work with you to develop a customized plan to address these imbalances. This approach supports the natural processes in your body, allowing your organs and tissues to repair, so you can achieve optimal health and improved quality of life.

Holland Biomedical Clinic Staff

Dr. Anne Kelly, MD
Medical Director
Caleb Ericson
Clinic Manager & Innovative Treatment Technician
John Byington
Treatment Technician & Manager, Equipment Rentals & Sales
Microcurrent Treatment Technician
Tisha Mette
Clinic Director
Jennifer Larson
Owner, CEO
Mark Blaxill