Stop treating symptoms. Eliminate the source of chronic illness.

We’ll help you take the first step, and support you every step of the way.

Functional Medicine is what we practice at Holland Biomedical Clinic. This means we address the root cause of chronic conditions rather than prescribing a pill for every ill. It is a science-based approach, backed by years of research, with a focus on restoring wellness by looking at the biochemically unique aspects of each patient.

We understand that living with a chronic condition is hard. Sometimes it feels like no one takes the time to listen to you and everyone is giving you something different to do to feel better. This can be especially difficult when you are acting as a caregiver for a loved one.

We are here to help.

We have put together a team that works in partnership with you. We will develop an actionable plan that is individual to your needs and situation. And we don’t stop there. We will be with you every step of the way.

Take a Look Inside Holland Biomedical Clinic


“While playing basketball I experienced a considerable sprain of my meniscus that caused my knee to swell to the point that I could hardly move it without significant pain. I underwent a few sessions of microcurrent therapy to my knee during that time and it was unbelievable how drastic the difference in pain level and range of motion was after just a couple of treatments. I firmly believe that these incredible results were due mainly to the microcurrent therapy at Holland Biomedical.”


“I went to see Dr. Kelly in December 2019 after experiencing memory loss and cognitive decline, which was like watching the life go out of me. Equally distressing was the resignation of some family and friends that this was due to usual aging. My long time Doctor recommended a wait and see approach. At age 60 l was not about to wait and see. I began searching for answers which led to a referral to Dr. Kelly at Holland Biomedical Clinic. My health improved markedly as each of the prescribed protocols were added. A few months into treatment l felt my spark coming back. I’ve experienced huge improvements and have enormous gratitude for her expertise and for her confident optimism.”


“I was hit by a semi 7 years ago that gave me a minor TBI. I slowly pulled away from all of my friends and family. I traveled the world alone to dangerous areas to seek adrenaline based situations. I became an adrenaline junky and was sky diving, bungee jumping, etc any chance I could to just “feel” something. I started developing anger swings, couldn’t sleep, was seeing things and finally my focus and eye sight started leaving me in which I started to panic and go psychotic looking for a cure and answers. Amen clinics found my TBI with a spect scan and I moved home to treat at the Holland Biomedical Clinic. After about 12 sessions of HBOT I started to be able to see detail in faces and the world around me again, the fear subsided as I saw I was getting better, I was finally able to sleep and was able to start working and start my own business. I was told to file for disability previous to my HBOT treatments but refused to do so. HBOT changed my life and in between treatments some symptoms came back so I bought my own to use at home in between medical grade HBOT. I’m excited for my new life and continued recovery. You don’t have to file for disability, your body and brain are self healing!”


“When I came to Holland Biomedical Center I was feeling defeated, both physically and mentally. There wasn’t a part of my life that my symptoms were not negatively affecting. The fatigue, the pain, the brain fog, were all horrific and I didn’t feel my previous doctors were hearing me. Dr. Kelly listened. She actually heard what I was saying and sharing. The biggest gift she gave me was hope. Hope that I could get better. Her approach to individualized treatment, treating the root cause of my illness, turned things around quickly for me. With nutritional counseling, supplements and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, I was able to get my life back. There are long term effects of my illness that I deal with on occasion, but I have an arsenal of tools to employ when flare ups occur. Treatment was just the beginning. The clinic went the extra mile to educate and empower me as a patient so that I could make better health decisions for myself moving forward. I’m very thankful to have found Holland Biomedical Clinic and Dr. Kelly.”


Always Striving for Excellence through Commitment, Integrity, and Compassion!